Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Our British Cousins: We Apologize For Obama. Episode IV

Why doesn't Obama just tell Great Britain to take a flying leap? First, we insult them by returning the bust of Winston Churchill, a gift to our government. Then we insult them by not organizing a press conference for Prime Minister Gordon Brown's visit here, the first visit by a foreign head of state. Then we insult them by giving the Brown family the crappiest, cheapest gifts we could find.

Now it appears we are ignoring their phone calls. British Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell vented some frustration about the difficulty in trying to contact members of Obama's administration. It seems the calls go to voice mail or don't get answered at all.

To our cousins in Great Britain, once again we apologize for the ineptness and complete buffoonery that is going on in our government. This is what happens when you elect rookies to such important positions. Please bear with us for a few years and we'll correct this hideous error we've made. We have great respect and feel a special kinship with you.


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