Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Award: RSCCM (Red State Conservative Certified Moron)

I have decided to create a new award which I will randomly bestow upon those who deserve it. The new award is the RED STATE CONSERVATIVE CERTIFIED MORON award (RSCCM).

The coveted inaugural RSCCM award which will be admired and revered throughout the ages is bestowed upon...

Chris Dodd

Congratulations Chris! We won't ask you to make an acceptance speech because we know you are deeply honored to be awarded this first RSCCM award.

We chose you over hundreds of candidates because of your honesty and integrity. I mean, who could have known that little addition to the stimulus package allowing the AIG bonuses would come back to bite you? But help me out here a little. Did you or did you not know you were the one who put that in the bill? Let's see, you didn't do it, then you did. Is that right?

You can easily see why we chose you as our first RSCCM recipient. Congratulations!

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