Thursday, March 05, 2009

To Our British Cousins: We Apologize For Obama. Again.

Obama, you and your staff need to read up on protocol. You are embarrassing us. First, you send back a bust of Winston Churchill that was a gift from the British government, then you disrespect the Prime Minister and his family by giving them cheap, crappy gifts, after they gave you some incredibly awesome gifts! Are you trying to damage relations with our closest allies so we can become allies with countries like Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba?

Hey, stupid liberals? Weren't you always saying Obama had to "repair" our image in the world because of George W. Bush? It looks like the Obamanator is leaving his own wake of damage.

To our British cousins across the big pond, we apologize. You are our best friend and ally. If we had a real president you would not be treated this way. Please bear with us over the next four years and we will remedy the situation.

God help us.

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kitty said...

From NRO's Corner comes this observation:
UPDATE — a reader writes:
It would be funny if the DVDs Mr Obama gave Mr Brown were Region 1 NTSC and therefore not compatible with the UK where DVDs are region 2 and video format is PAL.
I would love to see someone on Fleet Street ask Brown whether the President gave Gordon brown DVDs that are not playable in England. That could prove amusing.

BO'n'MO are utterly classless.