Wednesday, March 04, 2009

GOP: The Big Tent Idea Is Our Problem

GOP leadership (excluding Rush who is the real leader of the GOP :-P), you need to drop the whole "big tent" idea. I'm not saying we need to be exclusive. Not at all. The problem is where the big tent idea has led us.

We need to allow anyone and everyone who wants to be part of the Republican Party to do so. But there is a catch. Instead of amending our views to be inclusive and tolerant, every time someone joins with a different viewpoint on an issue, we need to educate them on our philosophy, our platform, and our positions. If they are unable to agree with the party on a particular issue and it is a litmus test for them, then they need to find another party to join.

A good friend of mine gave me this allegory in another situation where a small group of people were discontent about something. It applies to the current GOP as well. He said:

We are taking this plane to Denver. If you get on this plane you are going to Denver with us. If you want to go to Chicago, then you'll need to take another plane.
Wise words.

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kitty said...

I realized I wasn't a Dem during Carter's malaise. I discovered I was a Repub when Reagan ran in 1980. (My first vote!)

I didn't join the GOP because it "reached out to me"; I joined because it reflected (at that time) my beliefs.

I reject this warped notion of reaching out to include anyone in a political party.

Instead, I believe in the birds-of-a-feather-flock-together idea.