Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gun Owners' Privacy Be Damned

Arkansas is primarily a red state but that doesn't mean there aren't any irresponsible, lunatic liberals running around. Remember, this is the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Wesley Clark, Mary Steenburgen, Harry and Linda Bloodsworth-Thomason, Jocelyn Elders.

We now have one who has surpassed them all. This is something you would expect to hear from San Francisco, Chicago, or Boston.

Max Brantley, writer for the Arkansas Times, took it upon himself to get a list of every Arkansan who has a concealed weapon carry permit and publish it on the Arkansas Times' web site. Not just their names but their addresses as well.

That single act broke some basic rules of human decency. First, it was a malicious (and I believe unconstitutional) invasion of privacy. Second, Mr. Brantley has endangered every person on that list. Criminals now have specific targets to steal guns from. Unstable ex-husbands know if their former wife is carrying. Stalkers know where their victims live.

This was one of the greatest acts of stupidity I have ever witnessed. I believe laws were broken here and someone needs to be severely punished for the invasion of privacy and needless endangerment.

By the way, a Google search provides this information*:

Max F Brantley
3210 Edgerstoune Ln
Little Rock AR 72205

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* By posting this information I am not condoning or encouraging any contact with Mr. Brantley. I am merely trying to make a point. The Arkansas Times has posted more information about Mr. Brantley than I have here.

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Southern Girl said...

maybe all the gun owners should just go stand outside his house? Might make him think twice, eh?