Monday, December 15, 2008

Why I'm Glad McCain Lost

No buildup. No prefaces. Let's get right to the point. John McCain's greatest strength is backstabbing. I don't know why we all didn't see it. He has always been very quick to imitate Norman Bates with the GOP. Then he reaches across the aisle to the Democrats. Maybe we were so anti-Obama that the spoonful of sugar (Sarah Palin) made the medicine (McCain) go down. H/T: Mary Poppins

It is a blessing in disguise that this man did not win the election. What would this country be like with the Democrats running Congress and a Democrat running the Republican party?

If we don't make some congressional changes in 2010 and nominate a conservative in 2012 the GOP will be in imminent danger of extinction. I'm not so sure that would be a bad thing.


Jerry said...

I will always have a ton of respect for John McCain when it comes to his time spent in Vietnam and what he went through there. And while I was never that impressed with him as a Presidential candidate, I will never regret voting for him because of the choices in 2008 he and Sarah Palin were the best available in my opinion. With all that said I agree with you, I can't believe how he's pretty much turned his back on Sarah since the election. It took him forever to come out and defend her when all the negative rumors started flying after they lost, and then he pretty much refused to support a run for President by her in 2012. I mean hey, John McCain can support whoever he wants, he doesn't have to explain to us, but he should at least have the courtesy to have the woman's back, after all she stood by him regardless of their political disagreements through a very tough election.

Anonymous said...

Didn't vote for him in the primary but did in the general; his campaign showed why he wasn't chosen; that statement about buying up all the distress mortgages showed how weak he would have been as the president. AND, we don't have to listen to "my friends" for 4 years; unfortunately McCain will still be in the Senate, unlike Dole who resigned his seat to run, as I recall. Palin saved his ass from total extinction in the general.