Monday, December 15, 2008

American Idol vs Liberalism

I have always been a very tolerant and patient person. I tend to trust people until they give me a reason not to. Sort of like "innocent until proven guilty."

However, as I get older and more enlightened, I find myself being less tolerant and less patient when it comes to hate-filled, anti-American, liberal morons like Tim Graham at Newsweek. These holier-than-thou elites look down on anyone who isn't a "progressive thinker" like they are.

Graham spends his latest column criticizing President Bush, American Idol, and those of us in Red State territory. While I am sick and tired of hearing liberals Bush-bash, the most offensive comment was that American Idol is too American. Here is the comment:

Start with the title: in England, the show was called "Pop Idol"—but when it migrated here in 2002, it apparently needed an infusion of patriotism. So, much like freedom fries, "American Idol" was born. If that kind of rah-rah branding doesn't conjure thoughts of President Bush – go on, world, you know you idolize us – I don't know what does.
Then Graham goes on to insult the Red State population with his liberal elitist venom.
You'll find defenders and detractors all over the country, but this is primarily a red-state show. That's the reason that Southern contestants win just about every season. Are the people fans vote for (and vote for, and vote for) great singers? Does it matter? What's important is that they're our singers, and we love 'em because they're unthreatening, God-fearing, desexualized kids with stars in their eyes. Whenever those elitist critics on the coasts trash "Idol" as mediocre, middlebrow entertainment, we rally to the show's defense, whether it deserves it or not.
Look, I'm not defending Idol. Being a musician and songwriter I have watched it but I am not a big fan. Too much of it is scripted for the sake of ratings which is the real object of the show anyway. Better ratings, higher ad rates.

Finally, Graham takes a shot at "greedy" capitalism which he implies is part of what is wrong with America.
And no TV program shills as shamelessly as "Idol." The Ford ads, the Coke cups, the AT&T plugs – "Idol" is as cozy with big business as, well, as our president is.
Liberal vomit at its finest. How dare he grow up in this wonderful country where he had the freedom and opportunity to become what he wanted to be and to prosper in a capitalistic system, then use that position to criticize that same country. The personification of liberalism.



DumbArkie said...

Yet one more reason I don't subscribe to Newsweek. As if I needed more.

I am so tired of these coastal elites thinking that they know what makes us tick. They treat us as provincial boobs and want to lord over us with their "superior intellect."

They call us names, mock us in movies, incorrectly use y'all to one person when imitating us, assume Southern women are tramps, accuse of racism when their cities are more divided, and the list goes on and on and on.

Yet after all that, they want us to think like them. And if we don't? They'll just come up with more stereotypes to call us.

Thank God there are a few red states left.

Red State Conservative said...

All I can say to that is "Amen!" It's always great to hear from my fellow Arkie's so stop by anytime.

If we wait for someone else to make this country better it will never happen.