Monday, November 10, 2008

Race: It's What's For Dinner

I have been getting a lot of comments since the election regarding race. Some I published and some I did not. None of them were vitriolic or hateful, nor did they contain any racial epithets, but expressed views that I felt could be construed as inflammatory.

I would like to share with you my views on race. For those of you who are sitting there just waiting to pounce on me the first time I say something that you don't like, just calm down. Read this with an open mind. If you disagree, then disagree. If you only read part of this then you have no right to disagree.

A week ago the first black American president was elected. Many are saying this is an historic event and shows how far we have come since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I am not so sure I am inclined to agree. Instead of representing a unification of race in this country, this election illuminates a growing racial/class divide that is being instigated and manipulated by liberals.

Don't believe me? Go back and listen to Barack Obama's speeches. Then listen to John McCain's speeches. Count the number of times you hear race and class mentioned. Obama will win this hands down. I am not trying to single out Obama. Go back through the past 30 years and you will find the same results in every campaign.

Democrats were almost exclusively in control of Congress for 40 years - from the 1950's to the early 1990's. They are the champions of race. They campaign on equality and closing the racial divide. In that era there were five Democratic presidents (Truman, JFK, LBJ, Carter, and Clinton). Tell me why race is still an issue? Tell me why class is still an issue? Tell me why the Democrats didn't achieve racial and economic equality during those years? I will tell you a dirty little secret. They don't want to.

As long as there are long as there are "poor" long as the inequality pot is stirred...the Democrats will have a loyal constituency that will keep them in power. Democrats present themselves as saviors to minorities. They have continually told minorities that without Democrats, they would be left to starve and die by Republicans.

Is it any wonder that over 90% of blacks voted for Obama in many states? Is that racial unity? Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about a day when a man would be judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin. By what standard was Obama judged? Did 90% of black Americans vote for him because of his character?

Democrats, including Obama, have systematically divided this country into groups - race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation. Then they pit these groups against each other in order to gain votes. They fabricate injustices that divide. Then they promise to fix the problem and make restitution to the "victims" of the injustice. This, my friends, is the reason for continued racial/class division in this country.

There's an old saying - if you tell someone something long enough, they will believe it. That is a picture of the Democrat party and their subsidiary, the liberal media. Minorities in America have heard so much that rich, white, male Republicans are the reason for their suffering and inability to succeed that they now accept it as fact. So when Obama says he wants to "spread the wealth around", he has a pre-conditioned, receptive audience. And it isn't just the minorities who succumb to this droning message. Many white liberals develop a sense of guilt because they feel undeservedly privileged. Why? Ask yourself, "What have I done to oppress a minority?" Chances are, the answer is "nothing". Simply being white is not a crime. What is your character?

A recent report insinuated that Sarah Palin was the cause of death threats against Barack Obama because of her statement that he "palled around with terrorists." If that stretch to connect those dots can be made, then it is even more plausible that Democrats could be blamed for blacks' hatred toward whites, for feminists' hatred towards men, for homosexuals' hatred toward Christians, and so on.

Now that the Democrats fully control Washington, the racial divide is unlikely to close. That is the Democrats only hope of survival. Very sad, but true.

FOOTNOTE: I, like Obama, am only partially white. My mother, now an American, is from a non-white country. I do not judge a person based on the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Despite what many Democrats believe, character matters. Just ask Martin Luther King, Jr.

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