Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hillary Leads Sarah In Rasmussen Poll

I have always loved statistics. I even took Statistics and Probability as a free elective in college because I liked it so much.

Because of that I follow the polls pretty closely. Sometimes I wonder what pollsters are thinking when they conjure up the most asinine, irrelevant polls to conduct.

I have lot of respect for Scott Rasmussen and his polling abilities. But this latest poll that will be released shortly has me puzzled. Hillary Clinton vs. Sarah Palin in a presidential race. Purely hypothetical.

The poll shows Hillary leading 52% to 41%. Some Palin supporters might view that as a negative but that would be an incorrect view. Think about it. Hillary Clinton, the smartest woman in the world and the most popular female Democrat EVER, slightly leading an unknown Sarah Palin who is being pummeled by the mainstream left-wing media. Not bad.

In a real race after Sarah has shown her abilities, I think the numbers would be reversed. Fear not. Besides, Hillary is out of the race anyway.

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