Monday, September 01, 2008

Bobby Jindal Rocks!!

If you have been watching FoxNews coverage of Hurricane Gustav then you have probably seen Bobby Jindal in action. This is such a HUGE difference from Kathleen Blanco's lack of response to Hurricane Katrina three years ago.

The liberals will dig as deep as they can to find fault with the Republican governor's response and the Bush administration response to Hurricane Gustav but it will be difficult for them because the pre-staging effort has been very impressive.

New Orleans is a great city with great culture. However, being below sea level is a catastrophe waiting to happen. The Corps of Engineers can build levees to withstand a strong Cat 5 hurricane but one day, a storm will come that will exceed expectations. How many billions of dollars in relief and construction will we pour into a city that is always on the bring of destruction?

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Starscream said...

Heck of a job, Bobby.