Monday, July 07, 2008

Flip-Flopper, Waffler, Two-Face

Barack Obama is a very good public speaker. He is engaging. He is articulate. But he's not Bill Clinton. Bill could weave his way in and out of a lie so smoothly that even the most perceptive Republicans were baffled.

Obama does not have that same gift. Hence, he is beginning to be labeled as a flip-flopper. However, the fact that he is flip-flopping is not the issue as much as why he appears to be flip-flopping.

This is a sign of inexperience, incompetence, or both. He has no solid foundation upon which to build his policies. Therefore, when the foundation of sand shifts, so do his policies. Here are a few examples:

This is something to seriously consider when going to the voting booth this November. Today we oppose Al-Qaeda and tomorrow we might sit down to dinner with them. Remember, we should "negotiate" with our enemies, right?

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Anonymous said...

What could one tell about this man? Well, his full name is Barack Hussein Obama, which rhymes with Osama.

The fundamentals of Christianity is Faith in Jesus and forgiveness (turn the other cheek).

The fundamentals of Islam is Kill the Infidel, and Lie. "Lie as much as you can to delude the Infidels to win the holly battle"