Friday, June 27, 2008

What Are We Teaching In Science Classes?

Has anyone ever heard of the scientific method? Does anyone know how to gather information and analyze it without a preexisting bias?

In case you haven't heard, it seems that some global warming lemmings are postulating that there will be little or no ice at the North Pole this summer. The reason? What else but global warming? I'll tell you what else that these incompetent "scientists" have either not researched or have ignored for the advancement of their own agenda.

A team of research scientists (who actually deserve to be called "scientists") have discovered that volcanic eruptions have been taking place under the Arctic ice. These eruptions were previously thought to be virtually impossible due to the weight of the water on the ocean floor.

Please allow me to lay out the information for the global warming crowd in a very simple, methodical manner so they can understand.

  1. The Earth has molten lava inside.
  2. The heat from the molten lava builds pressure that pushes against the Earth's crust.
  3. When the lava's pressure level exceeds the crust's ability to contain it, it forcefully pushes its way out through volcanoes. Some of those volcanoes are on the ocean floor. We have scientific proof of that, not just speculation and conjecture.
  4. Since the average temperature of lava is 750°C (1382°F) and because ice begins to melt above a mere 0°C (32°F), we can deduce that a volcanic eruption below the Arctic Ocean would cause significant melting of the icy surface.

Science is not difficult but you must remain objective. You cannot predetermine a result then find data to support your theory. You will prove yourself right every time.

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