Monday, March 03, 2008

Welcome To The Ice Age!!

Let me say this at the "risk" of being chastised, jailed, and tortured. GLOBAL WARMING IS A CROCK!! Not just man-made global warming, but global warming in general. Dorks like Al Gore have been preaching that the Earth is going to cook while global temperatures have been falling. HELLO!!

I found this recent photo of Al Gore as he was walking back to his hotel from a global warming summit. ;-)

We (I'm referring to those of us who have common sense) know that global temperatures are most affected by solar activity. The sun goes through cycles of high activity and then a "resting" period. Sometimes those resting periods are extended and we can experience a "mini Ice Age", much like what happened just a few hundred years ago.

You politicians had better wake up or you are going to put us into financial ruin over a myth. A Chicken Little scenario. The sky is not falling. The sky is not heating up. The Earth is not heating up. We are not all going to die because of a little carbon dioxide.

So those of you with common sense, you might want to check out the latest winter wear from L.L. Bean.

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