Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Global Warming: Politics, Not Science

I'm not a scientist. I'm not a climatologist. I'm not a meteorologist. I'm not a proctologist. But I know when someone is trying to give it to me in the posterior.

Global warming is not about science but about politics, power, and money. Research that shows global warming does not exist or is not man-made is censored by the elite scientific community and the lockstep media.

New peer-reviewed scientific data is contrary to the hype and misinformation being spewed by Al Gore and the UN. We are experiencing nothing more than a natural climate change and there is NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING, we can do about it.

We didn't create this planet, we can't destroy it, and we can't "save" it from climate change. To think otherwise is beyond arrogance and self-importance.

Those of us who have common sense need to join with those in the scientific community who believe science should be pure and unadulterated by politicians to put an end to this man-made global warming nonsense before it destroys economies around the world. We need to be focused on things we can have an effect on like poverty and disease.

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