Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dems United. GOP Fractured.

You may not agree with me about the Dems being united. However, by next Spring they will be united behind Hillary. Well, not as much united behind Hillary as they are united against conservatism and the GOP.

The GOP meanwhile, is fractured. Too many factions fighting for control. I am concerned that those who are not victorious in getting their candidate the nomination will not support the victor. That would be a huge mistake.

There are people who will staunchly disagree with me. They believe a vote for anyone less conservative than Ronald Reagan is a vote for liberalism. They want to turn this country 180 degrees in one election. That is also a huge mistake.

Our focus should be that nothing could be worse than a Hillary Clinton presidency. We must support the candidate who has the best chance of beating Hillary in 2008, regardless of whether we fully agree with their policies or not.

Do I agree 100% with Rudy, Mitt, Huck, or Fred? Not by a long shot. When the primary dust has settled, the Clinton machine will be out to gut the GOP nominee's campaign. We have to support the ones who can stand up against such attacks.

What I fear most is a weak GOP candidate giving Hillary a substantial victory. God forbid.

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