Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fool In The Rain

Ed Buckner, an atheist from the Atlanta Freethought Society is a fool in the rain. His state, Georgia, is suffering from a lengthy drought and he wants to protest Governor Sonny Perdue praying for rain on the capitol steps. What an idiot!

I would like to know what actions Mr. Buckner has taken to bring water to Georgia. What has he done to improve conditions? What has he done to increase water levels in area lakes?

This is a serious condition. What harm can come from the governor asking God for rain to save his state?

It is a good thing I am not God. I would not be as merciful. I would say to Mr. Buckner, "Okay, you don't want anyone in state leadership to ask Me for rain, so be it. Now you will learn the meaning of the word 'drought'."

But I am not God and I sure everyone is breathing a sigh of relief. If I were God I envision myself like Emperor Palpatine in Return Of The Jedi. "What? You don't agree with me? Take THAT!!"

Fortunately, God is loving and merciful and he heard Gov. Perdue's pleas for rain on Tuesday. This morning a storm passed through Georgia and dropped about an inch of rain. That's not enough to make much of a difference but it is better than nothing. Maybe if Mr. Buckner would shut up God might send more rain and get them out of the serious situation they are in.

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