Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Al Gore: Hot Air On Global Warming

For years I have known that Al Gore was an idiot. Not your typical idiot who is stupid but one who thinks he knows everything, actually knows very little, and trumpets his ignorance to everyone.

Al Gore is the mouthpiece of man-induced global warming movement. Because he believes it to exist, it must, without any credible scientific evidence to support it.

Today, he unleashed the "vast right-wing conspiracy" bomb to divert attention from his feeble, unsubstantiated data. It seems that there is a group of major polluters with a lot of money who are putting out "propaganda" saying that global warming does not have unanimous support in the scientific community. Mr. Gore implies that all scientists agree, except for those on the payroll of the propagandists.

Mr. Gore, you are right about one thing. There is an organized movement that stands against the global warming lies you are spreading. I like to call them the APCS, the Association of People With Common Sense.

Your movement is presenting insufficient data in a effort to prove your theory. Don't give me 30 or even 100 years worth of data for a planet as old as this one. It is insufficient and downright reckless science to do so.

I am in no way disputing that the Earth and the oceans are getting warmer. However, I am in full dispute that mankind is the cause. You have no proof. You only have unsubstantiated theories that become more ridiculous every day. Does anyone really believe the Earth's temperature remained constant until we came along?


Angry Bird said...

Al Gore is a real wussietard numbskull nit-wit

Stymphalian Bird said...

Of look AL(HADES)GORE is breathing fire again im flying away SQUAWK SQUAWK IM OUTTA HERE