Thursday, January 18, 2007

Parental Rights In The Crosshairs

Most of us who are now adults remember getting our behinds whacked at least a few times for disobedience or being mischievous. The days of correcting your children via what I will call "negative physical reinforcement" are on their way out.

A liberal, California Democrat is pushing for legislation to outlaw the spanking of children up to three years of age. First, I do not condone an all-out thrashing of a three-year-old or any child younger. But a firm, non-injurious whack on the behind or hand will not emotionally scar a child. What will emotionally ruin a child is the lack of discipline and boundaries.

I have a question for Ms. Lieber. If parents are not allowed to correct their children via a mild spanking, then what do you propose as an alternative? I suppose you want parents to sit down with their one or two-year old and reason with them. That is a bunch of Freudian hogwash. At that age children do not understand adult reasoning. However, they do understand 'no' and they understand that they want to avoid spankings.

I remember getting whipped with a thin, green branch of an elm tree. What did I do? I lied to my grandmother about something. Some mentally unstable psychoanalysts out there would say that the spanking was detrimental to my young, fragile psyche. Again, hogwash. I learned the consequences of lying. I learned respect for others. I went on to graduate from high school at the top of my class and graduate from college with a bachelor's degree. I didn't need counseling to heal my "emotional scars".

Every child needs a different type of discipline and at different levels. I have one child who wants to get a spanking and get it over with. The other would prefer being dragged by wild horses over a spanking. However, I don't have any wild horses.

The bottom line for me is this. The government has absolutely no business and no authority to tell me how I raise and discipline my children as long as I am not physically or emotionally harming them. Proper spanking will do neither.

I pay my taxes even though I do not believe the government has the Constitutional authority to levy taxes on its citizens. I obey the laws of the state and federal governments, even though some contradict common sense and infringe on individual rights. When it comes to my children, that is where I draw the line. To prevent liberal indoctrination that the government should be the provider for the people and that the government is necessary to ensure equality for all people, I send my children to a private school where individual achievement is rewarded, laziness is punished, and disruptive behavior is not allowed. East Coast, Left Coast, and large city public schools have become little more than a tool for liberals to brainwash American children with their agenda.

People, pay attention. It is liberals like Sally Lieber and Hillary Clinton who want the government to raise your children, or at least have you raise them under governmental guidelines. Do we want to unleash more undisciplined children onto the people of America? Undisciplined children are more likely to become unproductive adults, and many will become criminals.

By the way, Ms. Lieber has no children.

Source: Mercury News

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