Monday, January 01, 2007

Bowl Day Reveals Strengths and Weaknesses

One thing is sure. College football is dominated by teams that have good passing offenses. That is why "experts" insinuate that Big 10 and Big East teams are superior to SEC and Big 12 teams. After today, I am beginning to wonder if they could be right.

Arkansas has not one, but two of the most explosive running backs in college football. Because Darren McFadden is so well touted and was the runner up for the Heisman Trophy, Wisconsin's defense zeroed in on him. So Felix Jones picked up the slack.

It was the inability of the quarterbacks to throw good passes that cost Arkansas a win in the Capital One Bowl. You can try to blame the loss on Jeremy Davis if you want to but I'm not buying it. Against the Wisconsin defense, Arkansas should have scored at least three touchdowns.

This has been an issue at Arkansas for 50 years. If the Razorbacks are to ever have a viable, BCS Championship team, they had better start looking at developing a passing offense. If they don't, they had better get used to always being a bridesmaid and never a bride.

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