Sunday, December 31, 2006

Arkansas vs Wisconsin Preview

Tomorrow is a big day for Arkansas. The Razorbacks take on the Wisconsin Badgers in the Capital One Bowl at 12:00 pm Central. The game will be televised by ABC.

I keep hearing that the Badgers and Razorbacks are very similar. If that is true, we may see a high scoring game tomorrow with both teams scoring in excess of 30 points. That may be contingent upon the weather. If the field is wet and slippery, the point totals could be cut in half.

The Razorbacks are suffering from multiple injuries which are either keeping players out of the game or at least slowing them down. The biggest of those is fullback Payton Hillis who won't play at all and Darren McFadden, runner up for the Heisman Trophy, who is slowed by an Achilles tendon injury.

I would like to see the Razorbacks win this game if for no other reason than to show that the SEC is not a stepchild in the NCAA. Wisconsin had an easy schedule this year (with the exception of Michigan to whom they lost) and the Razorbacks schedule was fairly difficult.

But come 12:00 tomorrow, none of that matters. What matters is who comes to win and who executes their game plan most effectively.

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