Friday, December 01, 2006

Beebe: Already Backpedalling on Grocery Tax

In today's Times Record is an article by Rob Moritz of the Arkansas News Bureau about Mike Beebe's latest position on the elimination of the grocery tax.

Now Beebe says, " would be a mistake for people just to assume this is a done deal."

Of course it would. Never trust a Democrat who says he is going to lower taxes. Do you remember an old saying about "the spider and the fly?"

It appears that Beebe is going to "work hard" to repeal the grocery tax but the state legislature is going to be a roadblock. Sound familiar? Bill Clinton told the American people he was going to cut their taxes to get elected in 1992. When it didn't happen, he said he tried really hard but the country was in worse shape financially than the Republicans led him to believe. Do we really look that stupid Mr. Clinton? And Mr. Beebe?

Let me tell you something. If Mike Beebe wants the grocery tax repealed, he can make it happen. He has lots of friends in the legislature who he can get to do his bidding.

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