Tuesday, November 28, 2006

OT: Swimming Pool Construction: Introduction

When we decided to put an in-ground swimming pool in at our house I searched the Internet for information on pool construction and the various stages involved. I only found a couple of resources outside of marketing material posted by swimming pool retailers.

In this series I thought I would give you a look into pool construction from a customer's point of view, complete with daily photographs. As far as blogging is concerned, I am already behind but I'll catch up in a day or two.


To purchase our pool, we chose Burton Pools & Spas in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Burton is one of the Top 50 pool builders in the nation and I happen to work next door to their store.

We looked a different manufacturers of pools and settled on Pacific Pools. They offer a moderately priced pool kit that is extremely strong, durable, and beautiful.

To best fit our needs, yard, and budget, we selected the Oblique shape with an 8' diving end and a saline generator. We have spoken to several people and not one of them regretted purchasing the saline generator. They said the water was much easier on the eyes and skin, and maintenance time and costs were significantly lower with saline.

Now, to get started, I'll show you the layout spray painted onto the ground before construction began. And with a little Photoshop wizardry (and I do mean "a little"), I overlayed the photo to get a better idea of what it would look like after construction.

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