Sunday, November 26, 2006

How Could Anyone Vote For This Idiot?

Normally, I won't resort to any name calling. It isn't productive and it is something liberals thrive on.

However, there comes a time when there just isn't a better way to get your point across. So here it is: Charlie Rangel is an idiot. He is a loathesome, hateful, arrogant, elitist jerk. There. I feel better.

I want to make it abundantly clear: if there’s anyone who believes that these youngsters want to fight, as the Pentagon and some generals have said, you can just forget about it. No young, bright individual wants to fight just because of a bonus and just because of educational benefits. And most all of them come from communities of very, very high unemployment. If a young fella has an option of having a decent career or joining the army to fight in Iraq, you can bet your life that he would not be in Iraq.

He's so stupid the John Kerry debacle went right over his head. Or did it? Actually, I don't believe that it did. This is the mantra among liberals. Our military is made up of low-income, going nowhere, uneducated grunts.

These people know the truth about our military. They know how educated and skilled it is. But if they can make the American people believe otherwise, that's all that matters. What do liberals want? Less defense spending and a smaller military. If our military is primarily made up of stupid people, then let's get rid of them. That would save us a lot of money that we can give to the poor, uneducated people who have no choice but to join the military.

I have a very close friend who is a Major in the U.S. Army. Like all other soldiers according to Mr. Rangel, he started out as an "uneducated" private. I would, on any day, anywhere, on any issue, put this soldier in a public debate against Mr. Rangel. Then we would find out who the stupid one is.

(Hat Tip: LGF)

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