Monday, October 30, 2006

Quitting Is Not An Option

My Arkansas Razorbacks are doing quite well in football this year. Yes, we took an early hit from an awesome USC team but since then we've stepped up. There are some tough games ahead of us but we will show up and play to win.

This brings me to the upcoming election. The MSM and left-leaning pollsters have tried to make this look like a blue wave is going to overtake the country.

Just this past week in Arkansas, some liberal educators from my alma mater, the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, released a poll that showed gubernatorial candidate Mike Beebe significantly ahead in the polls. Anyone who knows anything about this race is that it is statistically a dead heat. We have seen in recently polls that these people are not taking a representative sample of the state's citizens. How about 42% Dems polled vs 28% Republicans? Or 50% of those polled with a Little Rock residence? Only 5% of the population lives in Little Rock. Can you say "skewed?"

What would the people of Arkansas say if Razorback head coach Houston Nutt decided that we couldn't beat South Carolina this weekend so he was just going to keep the team at home and forfeit? I can tell you. Coach Nutt would be looking for a job on Monday.

If you don't vote because of the polls and the MSM's slanted reporting of the races, then you are just as guilty as Coach Nutt of being a quitter. Don't be quitter. If you try, you might win. If you don't try, you're a loser.

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