Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Does The GOP Need A Lesson This November?

Today I was listening to a caller on a very prominent conservative radio talk show. Her concern was that the conservative wing of the GOP may stay home on November 7 to send a message to the moderates who are controlling the party. My questions are, does the GOP need a lesson this November and what will the cost of that lesson be?

First, I agree that the party is being dragged down by moderates like John McCain, Arlen Specter, Lincoln Chafee, and even at times by George W. Bush. Their desires to be remembered as a uniter and to get things accomplished for their legacy overtake the need to get the right things done.

So should we conservatives send them a message? Yes, we do. But not at the expense of putting the Democrats in power. There are too many serious issues in this country and worldwide that could prove disasterous if we do not have strong leadership.

The Democrats will quickly destroy what has been accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan, and terrorism will increase dramatically after they take over those two countries.

The Democrats will wage a War on Tax Cuts that will stifle the brisk economy we now enjoy.

The Democrats in the Senate will make sure that no conservative judge will see the light of day, especially on the Supreme Court. President Bush will be forced to appoint a moderate to liberal or face a filibuster.

If Democrats take over the House, you can be assured that impeachment of President Bush will be pursued. Just ask John Conyers.

There are ways to send a message to the GOP other than by jeopardizing this country and its people.

Go out an vote Republican on November 7. This country's future depends on it.

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