Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Brian Rohrbough: Moral Decay Exposed

A couple of weeks ago when Bill Clinton went ballistic on Chris Wallace over the Osama bin Laden question, Dick Morris had an interesting observation on Hannity & Colmes. He said that Clinton's level of anger is directly proportional to the proximity of the truth in what you are asking or exposing.

I don't want to stereotype liberals with this because I think some conservatives can have the same type of reaction. However, I can distinguish between true Christians and non-Christians in this area. True Christians will admit it when they know they are wrong. They won't explode if you expose something they have done or said. They will typically admit it and ask for forgiveness.

When it comes to non-Christians, especially rabid, anti-God liberals, they cannot stand it when someone exposes godlessness as a cause of numerous problems in our society. Why? All of us are implanted at our creation with an inherent belief in a Supreme Being. To keep ourselves from any guilt associated with rejecting this Supreme Being and His commandments, we attempt to obliterate Him from everything we come in contact with.

Today, Brian Rohrbough is my hero. He had the guts to go on national television and tell Americans that the causes of the recent school shootings and Columbine where his son was killed were related to the moral breakdown of this country. Rohrbough accurately pointed out that our public schools are required to teach in a moral vacuum, that God must never enter our classrooms in any form, that the teaching of the theory of evolution sets us up for having no moral conscience, and that abortion has cheapened the value of life, especially the life of children. BINGO!!

Of course, the anti-Christian, anti-God, liberal left (including CBS News) has just gone crazy over this. They have gone all-out to paint Mr. Rohrbough as a whacko, Christian, right-wing nut job. The Washington Post selectively reported on Mr. Rohrbough's search for the truth following the Columbine shootings and intentionally took things out of context to make Mr. Rohrbough look like he had gone into an unstable mental state following his son's death.

Brian Rohrbough is not only mentally stable, he has been able to methodically research the Columbine incident and arrive at a logical conclusion on why these things happen.

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