Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How To Fix Leaks

In the type of work my company does, we occasionally find a leak. Leaks can be anything from annoying to heavily damaging. As soon as a leak is discovered, we take action.

First, we apply an agent to discover the location of the leak. Then we put a heavy vacuum on the equipment so that nothing else can leak out. Next, we clean up the spill. Finally, we apply intense heat in the form of welding to eradicate the source of the leak.

It is about time we apply the same methods to leaks in our intelligence. Find the source, close all the doors, clean up the mess, and make an example out of the leaker. Some intelligence leaks have bordered on treason which is punishable by death. I'm not suggesting that we kill leakers but a slap on the wrist is not a deterrent.

We have become weak when dealing with criminals and terrorists. Usama bin Laden pointed that out when we tucked our tail between our legs and ran out of Somalia.

When I was a young boy, I remember throwing a rock at a car passing by. Unfortunately, my aim was too good. For breaking my uncle's windshield, I found myself on the wrong end of a switch and I spent 45 days cleaning out his horse stables. Had I been punished by today's standards, I would have simply been verbally reprimanded.

NOTE: Graphic of "classified" document manipulated in Photoshop.

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