Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Beebe "Obligated" To Vote Against Repeal Of Grocery Tax

According to Pat Lynch in the September 25, 2006, Northwest Arkansas edition of the Arkansas-Democrat Gazette, Mike Beebe came up with a "totally lame excuse" about why he was "obligated" to vote against the repeal of the sales tax on groceries in 2002. Beebe said the initiative did not provide for an alternate source of revenue. In other words, to cut the grocery tax, another tax had to be enacted to replace it.

Now I don't think this is such a preposterous excuse on the part of Beebe. When looking at history, it is a well-known fact that Democrats raise taxes. That is a foregone conclusion. So when Democrat Mike Beebe says he can't vote to repeal a tax unless another tax replaces it, he's simply following history. His party doesn't lower taxes for any reason.

Nevermind the fact that we have a growing budget surplus in this state. Even our "Republican" governor can't seem to let go of any of it to give back to the people who gave it in the first place.


Mike Beebe says he doesn't think the tax on groceries should be repealed because "we" might need that money someday. Mr. Beebe, what are we going to do with the $700 million budget surplus?

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