Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Arkansas Democrats Hide Positions by Avoiding Survey

I was looking over the Arkansas Voter's Guide and was pleased with how fairly the questions were worded on each issue. It gave each candidate a chance to respond decidedly and without fear of being lured into any kind of trap.

For some reason, NONE of the Democratic candidates for higher state offices chose to respond to ANY of the questions which begs the question, "Why?"

The answer is simple. If you state your position on an issue, it is very difficult to gravitate to the other side. Unless you are Bill Clinton or Mike Beebe, who has apparently read John Kerry's book on how to be for everything while still being against it.

If you stand for something, why can't you state it? If you are so right on the issues, why not explain your positions so we can understand them?

The reason is because the only thing liberal Democrats like Mike Beebe, Bill Halter, and Dustin McDaniel stand for is getting elected. They exploit the poor by promising help that will never come and at the same time lie to the middle class by promising tax cuts. Mike Beebe has NEVER voted for tax cuts and will NEVER support a tax cut, at least not a significant one.

If you want to know what Arkansas Democrats stand for, just watch them take every side of every issue and it will become clear.