Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Anti-American Leaders Fear Losing Control

What is it that makes America the greatest country on Earth? Freedom. What is it that dictators, radical theocracies, and communist regimes fear most about America? Freedom.

What is it that leaders around the world are blasting the United States and George W. Bush for the most? Iraq.

Now, take these two facts and can you surmise why world leaders hate the United States?

The correct answer is that our success in freeing the Iraqi people from a thug dictator threatens their control over their own people. Think about it. If their forms of government and leadership are so superior, why are we the most successful people on Earth while their people live in abject poverty?

The desire for freedom is inherent in human nature. Seeing the Iraqi people freed from repression will stoke the fires of freedom within other peoples. Iran is already bubbling with inner turmoil. The Cuban and Venezuelan peoples have been repressed for so long they have lost their will to fight back.

Hatred towards the U.S. is not because we are an imperialistic nation. It is because our freedom is better than anything anyone else has to offer.