Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The First RSCCC Award Goes To...

Since the only RSC award available has been the RSCCM (Red State Conservative Certified Moron Award created in honor of Jimmy Carter), I have decided to add another award. This new award will be called the RSCCC Award (Red State Conservative Certified Conservative Award) and has been created in honor of Ronald Reagan.

The RSCCC Award will be given to recipients who demonstrate conservative principles in government or everyday life. The Gold RSCCC Award will be the highest given to those who take conservative positions in the face of strong liberal or moderate opposition.

The first Gold RSCCC Award goes to Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. Governor Christie has been exemplifying conservative principles since he took office. His budget cutting has drawn the ire of many liberals but Governor Christie has stood strong.

Thank you Governor Christie for your leadership. There will be a vacancy in the White House in 2012. We would like you to keep that in mind.


Horace Walton said...

In honor of Ronald Reagan? The president who ruined the economy of the United States; engaged in several immoral military operations in Central and South America, in Middle East and elsewhere; waged militarism; did not respect international laws and escalated the injustice of the growing imbalance of the distribution of wealth in our society.

I am interested why you accolade him? What are the positive aspects of his presidency excluding his deceivingly beautiful smile?

Red State Conservative said...

I think you are a victim of leftist propaganda. When Jimmy Carter left office, he left this country in a terrible mess. His liberal policies gave us almost 11 percent unemployment. When Ronald Reagan left office, unemployment was at 5.3 percent.

Reagan's economic policies in the 1980's gave us the greatest peacetime growth in history.

Reagan's negotiation skills and determination was a major contributing factor to the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

Reagan stopped the spread of Communism in Central America.

Reagan rebuilt our military after it had been decimated by Carter.

But maybe more than anything, he was a stark contrast to Jimmy Carter. While Carter told us things were bad and we were in a crisis, Reagan told us of our greatness and how we can overcome the obstacles we faced.

Horace Walton said...

I agree that Carter's presidency was a mess too. I also agree that Reagan emphasized the meaning of the army - to the extent that it became colossal and overgrown.

Fall of the Soviet Union was mostly of intrinsic origin. However, Reagan like all of the cold war era presidents used the fear of the communism to continually grow the military budget and so to benefit the military industry. Despite the fact that the Soviet Union was all the time far behind in military superiority.

Reagan and his government did not stop the communism in Central America. They stopped the democracy in Central America. It is quite easy to see how things evolved in Nicaragua, Colombia, Haiti, Chile etc. USA tried to (and with great success) create stagnated states governed by villainous dictators, where the voice of the people could not be heard thus benefiting the arrival of the American capital.

Reagan's remedies were partially potent, but their moral background was at least dubious.