Friday, January 01, 2010

My Favorite Commenter, aka Keep Your Mouth Shut

The Red State Conservative blog has been in existence for almost 3-and-a-half years. During that time many conservatives, liberals, and independents have commented. However, there is one particular commenter I would like to recognize.

Who could deserve such recognition? One who has logged more comments than any other person. One who takes full advantage of the First Amendment. So much so that some comments have been rejected due to not following the posting guidelines.

I am sure this person needs no introduction because you have all seen the name many times. Yes, it is my good friend, Anonymous.

I realize everyone has their own set of rules to live by and I have mine. I even have a set of rules regarding political commentary.

  • Rule #1 - If it is relevant, heartfelt, and truthful, then you should have no issues with signing your name. If you won't sign your posts or comments, you really don't believe what you are saying. Advice: Believe what you say, sign your posts, or keep your mouth shut.

  • Rule #2 - Control the immaturity. If you can't address the issue because all you can do is launch personal attacks and profanity, keep your mouth shut.

  • Rule #3 - Fact check. When you repeat something you've heard without fact checking, you become as big of a moron as Dan Rather and 80 percent of the dorks on CNN. If you don't fact check, it's better to keep your mouth shut.

  • Rule #4 - Be quick to admit when you make a mistake. And be sincere. You'll be looked at as a bigger person if you admit it when you screw up. If you can't say "I was wrong," you should keep your mouth shut.

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