Thursday, January 07, 2010

Happy Anniversary Big Hollywood

For those of you who might think Hollywood is 100 percent sold out, lock stock and barrel, in bed with Obama and liberals, I have some news for you. There is a shining star in the darkness.

Big Hollywood just celebrated their 1st Anniversary. I get their feed. I visit regularly. I can't possibly give proper 'thanks' to Andrew Breitbart and John Nolte at Big Hollywood. They have provided a venue for voices that aren't suffering from Obama euphoria. Plus, John Nolte's analysis of films from yesteryear is fantastic.

I also want to thank the conservative voices in Hollywood who aren't afraid to speak out like Jon Voight, Robert Downey Jr., Ben Stein, Gary Sinise, Adam Baldwin, Robert Davi, Orson Bean, Angie Harmon, Victoria Jackson, and many more. Never feel like you are getting lost in the liberal noise of Hollywood. We hear you and we are with you.

Big Hollywood

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