Thursday, December 10, 2009

Global Warming: Nothing But Lies

It has been my stated opinion for years that man-made global warming is a farce and nothing more than a vehicle for the government to seize more power. Now emails have surfaced that lend credence to my position.

I am not a scientist. I am not a climatologist. I am not a meteorologist. However, I do have logical, analytical thought processes. Even without them, just a handful of common sense would tell you that man's activities on this Earth have an insignificant impact on the atmosphere.

That is a key. Man is insignificant in comparison to the Earth.

Liberals use the mantra that there is a "consensus" of experts who support the man-made global warming theory. There was also a consensus that the world was flat. There was a consensus that Louis Pasteur was a lunatic because he believed in microorganisms and their effect on the human body.

Consensus means nothing. Global warming fear mongering is simply a method of giving more power over you to the government. Don't buy it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I know you mean whenever I fly over flyover country its so difficult to actually see the landscape dotted with modern circular farms. Interstate Highways, sprawling cities and expansive mining operations. None of those human activities are even apparent to the naked eye. Its like CO2. Its invisible isn't it? So if you can't see it then you nothing is actually happening, right? Like God, you can't see him either, but then again he works in mysterious ways. And He's not lying is he?

Red State Conservative said...

Anonymous - I don't fly over "flyover" country. I live in it. Giant sprawling farms and forests, fields, streams, rivers. Would it make you feel better if I lied and said I had irrefutable proof that global warming does not exist? That's what your global warming scientist buddies did. No proof so we'll make up our own. Sorry, it just isn't true.

Anonymous said...

And giving more power to your government must be in your opinion the worst thing that will ever happen to an individual, right? Maybe it is the last revenge of the commies?

Red State Conservative said...

Anonymous, you are exactly right. Government intervention is the worst thing that could happen. Our ancestors moved here and gave their lives to free themselves from governmental tyranny. We believe that individuals should be free to achieve success on their own and not be strangled by the government and their endless spending of OUR money.

hthamalainen said...

Let's assume that the human effect on climate change is negligible (although my common sense and most of the scientifically credible researches say it is not). Even if this would be true, why should we continue to pollute and rape our environment and accelerate the extinction progress that will lead to degradation of biodiversity on Earth?

Polluted water and air, vast erosion, accelerated extinction progress, climate change etc. are all related and will accelerate each other.

We need governments that can control the situation so, that the economic greed won't overpower the voice of wisdom, which in this case is the respect for our planet. The Earth is the prerequisite for our existence.

Red State Conservative said...

hthamalainen, I did not and do not condone reckless pollution. It irritates me when I drive down the road and see discarded trash. Completely unnecessary.

I disagree with the implication that if you are conservative or in management at a corporation, you are automatically anti-environment. The word "conservative" comes from the root word "conserve." But it needs to be responsible, rational conservation.

Destroying the San Joaquin Valley, one of our largest agricultural areas, for the sake of a bait fish is absolutely ludicrous. 35,000 people are unemployed and farmers are losing everything because the wacko environmentalists want the water diverted to the Pacific Ocean to save this fish.

There have been and always will be alarmists like Al Gore. "We're going to run out of trees," "We're going to run out of water," "We're going into an ice age in 10 years," " We're going to burn up in 10 years," "The sun is going to burn out." All kinds of lunacy.

We still have trees. We still have water. We didn't go into an ice age. Global warming has now turned into one of the coldest winters in 20 years. The sun is still there.

You should never use the words "government" and "control" in the same sentence. That is the biggest problem we face in America today. The government is destroying America. In the end, the voice of wisdom will overpower the voice of bad government.

hthamalainen said...

If "government" and "control" should not be mentioned in the same sentence, why should we mention "government" at all? After all governments are supposed to govern (or control, whatever you want to call it) it citizens. Control can be negative or positive, depending who's watching. If there is no government, only option seems to be anarchy.

I did not actually say, that being a conservative or managing a corporation would lead automatically to anti-environment attitude. I do not think so. However, it is hard to deny that the forefront of the anti-environment league is populated by conservative ultra-capitalists (or lunatic fundamentalists like Sarah Palin) and their main ambition is, of course, continuos growth of their income. It is needless to say that things are not that black and white - this is only a generalisation, but an apt one in my opinion.

Actually we might run out of wood in few centuries or sooner if deforestation is not controlled more efficiently. We won't run out of water (at least not until the sun starts to grow and warm up, which won't happen in next billion years or so), but there are already areas where it is impossible to get pure drinking water and the number of those areas is growing. These are not only some sort of apocalyptic prophecies.

I am not familiar with the San Joaquin Valley case. If such interventions take place, there should be well sort out "evacuation plan". I mean that the caused unemployment should be dealt with adequate measures.

Red State Conservative said...

The U.S. government is attempting to control the population and in the process, taking away our freedoms. Congress, the White House, and the Judiciary have all trampled on the Constitution like a mob of Black Friday shoppers trying to make sure they get what they want.

Case in point, the so-called healthcare "reform" bill. It isn't reform. It is nothing more than a government takeover of another industry. The majority opposition to this bill is due to the massive usurpation of individual freedoms it will bring.

Another case, Judge Edward Jordan ruled that a father could not take his 3-year-old daughter to his Catholic church because the mother is Jewish and doesn't want her daughter being taught about Christianity. Uh, isn't she his daughter, too? What right does a judge have to tell a father he can't take his daughter to church? I'll tell you. He has NO right.

Most people didn't come to this country because they wanted the government to rule their lives. It was just the opposite. They were tired of the government telling them what they could and could not do. I subscribe to the same philosophy. The less government there is, the better for all of us.