Friday, March 06, 2009

To The GOP: Are We Learning Anything?

The self-destruction of the GOP and the current upheaval within are eliciting some strange comments from both sides of the political spectrum. Some say this is the end of the GOP. Wrong. Some say it is a rebirthing. Maybe.

The crucial question for the GOP is, "Are we learning anything from our past failures?" Which begets the second question, "Will we make the right decisions to avoid those same failures in the future?"

Those are serious questions that need to be asked of every member of the GOP. Will we continue with the failed policies of the past or will we return to the policies and philosophies that made the party great?

The peak of GOP power came at times when conservatism ruled. Most recently it was during the Reagan years and the congressional years of the Contract With America. From there we lost our way.

Listen up GOP - CONSERVATISM WORKS. It is the ONLY way you are going to pull yourself out of this pit. If you ignore or minimize conservatism in this party, you will be responsible for its demise.

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