Sunday, February 15, 2009

To Our British Cousins: We Apologize For Obama

Last November, almost half of the people in this country knew a dork was elected President of the United States. We knew because of his lack of experience, his lack of knowledge, and his extreme liberalism, he would do some really stupid things. He hasn't proven us wrong yet.

To our distant relatives across the Atlantic, we apologize for Barack Obama's puzzling and insensitive behavior in returning the bust of your beloved leader, Winston Churchill. Most of us admire Churchill's strength and wisdom and we feel a special kinship with Great Britain.

Since Obama's family isn't from Great Britain, maybe he doesn't feel the same way. Maybe he will replace the bust of Churchill with a bust of Shaka Zulu or Idi Amin. However, I suspect he will replace it with a bust of Che Guevara.

Remember, America is run by the people. We will not stand for any acts that weaken or jeopardize our relationship with our allies, especially Great Britain.


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