Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Open Letter To GOP, RNC, RNSC, and RNCC

I have delayed this for as long as I can. During the last few years I have struggled with supporting a do-nothing Republican Congress who worked harder to appease the Democrat minority than anything else. Then I struggled with supporting a Republican minority that helped President Bush and the Democrats to spend large amounts of my money.

Well, I am finished! I refuse to support a Republican minority that is doing little more than butt-kissing the Democrat majority and their new leader, His Highness Barack Obama.

Please stop calling me for money. I am no longer throwing it away by giving it to you. Instead I think I will use it to build a bunker and stock it with guns and ammo. At least that way I would have something to show for my money.

You have no spine. You have no balls. Now you won't have my money.

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