Sunday, January 11, 2009

Movie Review: Valkyrie

In this break between the election and Barack Obama's orgy on January 20 I thought I would step aside from politics for a moment to review a movie.

First, I am not a big Tom Cruse fan. Personally, I think he's a moron. However, judging him strictly as an actor, he is very good. His most recent film, Valkyrie, is no different.

There are NO SPOILERS in this review. I don't like spoilers and I won't have any here.

This was a very tense movie. I found it rather strange feeling sad when the German army was attacked by an allied fighter plane at the beginning of the movie. As Col. Stauffenberg's character is developed (Cruse), you see a man who loves his country but hates what it has become under Adolf Hitler.

Bill Nighy (Davy Jones, Pirates Of The Caribbean) is perfectly human as the indecisive Gen. Friedrich Olbricht. Tom Wilkinson (Gen. Cornwallis, The Patriot) does a great job as Gen. Friedrich Fromm.

Don't listen to the critics because they are usually wrong. This movie will have you on the edge of your emotions.

While Valkyrie isn't 100 percent historically accurate, it was very well made. The saddest thing of all is that we know how it ends.

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