Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is The GOP Dead? Or Just Castrated?

The GOP is dead. Well, maybe not dead but definitely castrated. It didn't happen last November 4. It happened long before then.

Where are the conservative leaders in politics? Have they all died? Where are leaders like Ronald Reagan? Like the authors of the Contract With America?

What we have in Congress and the leadership of the GOP organization is a bunch of castrated bureaucrats who don't have a clue what the American people want. The best thing they can come up with is to emulate the Democrats who kicked their behinds in the last election. How stupid is that???

GOP, listen up and listen well. What the majority of Americans want is politicians with backbone who will promote and defend conservatism!!

This is a dangerous world and we have sat back and given control to a bunch of sissy liberals who are going to get us in serious trouble.

Why? Why? Why??????

Why are we letting this happen??? Have we lost our pride? Have we forgotten the sacrifices it took to make this into the greatest nation on Earth? Have we become so consumed with ourselves that we just don't care anymore?

Dear God, forgive us and help us. Raise up strong conservative leaders who have the guts and the intellect to stand up against and defeat the sickening cancer of liberalism.

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