Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Welcome To Chicago "Thug" Politics

Democrats own Chicago. The last time there was a Republican mayor was in the early 1930's. In Chicago, politicians and political favors are for sale. Political prostitution at its finest. There is a long list of politicians, organized crime bosses, union leaders, and powerful business owners who have bought and sold Chicago for longer than most of us have been alive.

Daley, Capone, Marcy, Lorimer, LeFevour, Cooley, Mahoney, Giancana, Jones, Giannoulias, Rezko, and now Blagojevich. The list goes on and on.

Dare I say that environment plays a huge factor in the development of a person's character? This is the city where Barack Obama learned what politics is about and how it works. Some of the names above he is closely associated with.

It is unconscionable to believe that Obama grew up in this environment and did not learn the "tricks of the trade". Fundraising, strong arming, threatening, bribing, etc. We have brought Chicago politics to the White House with willing accomplices in Congress.

God help us all.

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Anonymous said...

Let's not hear the character argument from the GOP. Puh-leeze! A former Arkie resident back home in sweet home Chicago.