Saturday, November 08, 2008

America Is Broken. Here's How You Can Fix It.

Over the past few days I've gone through a range of emotions and then logical analysis, trying to figure out what happened in this election. How could a candidate who has such a far-left record and has made some unbelievably socialistic statements be elected over a somewhat conservative war hero?

Are we not a center-right country? Then how did this happen? It all comes down to a well-devised and well-executed liberal strategy that has been implemented over the past 40 years.

It is incumbent upon those of us who are conservative, who love this country, and don't want to see it systematically destroyed by liberalism/socialism to fight back. We need to do everything that is legally within our power to take our country back.

You are probably thinking, "How can we do that?" I'm glad you asked. We need to develop similar strategies that liberals developed over 40 years ago and that is now choking our society.

  1. PUBLIC SCHOOLS - Liberals have taken over the public school system and have instituted curricula to indoctrinate our children with liberal ideology, i.e., terrorist William Ayers. This strategy alone accounts for most of the anti-American, socialistic, cancerous ideas that are plaguing our country.
    a. As parents, we have a greater influence over young children than anyone. We are their providers, their comfort, and their safety net. We can mold their belief system even in the face of liberal ideology taught in schools. Take time to talk to your children about social, moral, and economic issues. When your child comes home and tells you about something they learned at school, challenge it. Teach them to think for themselves. Teach them that just because someone said it doesn't make it true. Teach them to form their own opinions. I did this with my children and it has worked out beautifully. My daughter is not more conservative than I am but she vehemently defends her beliefs to anyone who dares challenge them. Change comes through education and we must educate. My brother-in-law married someone who is "very liberal" in her own words. After my family being living examples and talking about conservative values, she voted for John McCain.
    b. If you have the financial means, send your kids to a Christian-oriented private school. Many of these schools teach conservative values and produce a higher percentage of successful college graduates.

  2. UNIVERSITIES - Our state universities are filled with liberal instructors. Therefore, they are churning out liberal thinkers at a much higher rate than conservative thinkers.
    a. Again, there is no substitute for a firm, conservative foundation. Encourage your child to get actively involved in conservative organizations on campus. This was not done for me and the heavy bias from my college professors reinforced my upbringing in a Democrat home (albeit a conservative Democrat home).
    b. As with K-12, if you have the ability, send your child to a private university. This is why scholarships are so critical. In my state we have some very good private universities that teach from a conservative perspective.

  3. MEDIA - State-funded universities are cranking out liberal journalists at an alarming rate. Young minds are easily moldable unless they have been prepared by their parents and/or a conservative education. The media had a significant effect on this most recent election. Their constant negative stories on John McCain and their "love affair" with Barack Obama tipped this election. Had the networks, newspapers, and magazines been fair and balanced like FoxNews, the outcome would have been different.
    a. This may be the hardest nut to crack. First, as I said earlier, we have to teach our children that everything they see, hear, and read, especially in the mainstream media, isn't necessarily true. They must find out the truth for themselves. Thankfully, the Internet has leveled the playing field somewhat.
    b. The Internet is a powerful weapon. Over the past 10 years it has become a major source of information and communication for millions of people. Blogs are free. E-mail is free. Most newspapers will allow you to submit a letter to the editor on their web site. Use those things to your advantage. Spread the word about conservative candidates and what positive things they want to do for America. Sometimes the only thing keeping someone from voting for a particular candidate is that no one asked them.

  4. VOTER FRAUD - Tens of thousands of illegal voter registrations were submitted this year through ACORN, an organization funded through the back door by our tax dollars. We are paying them to illegally register voters who vote against us.
    a. Demand accountability from your representative and senators. If enough people speak loud enough and long enough, something will get done. If you feel strongly about an issue, tell them you will not vote for someone who disagrees with your position on that issue. Votes talk.
    b. Donate to conservative candidates and the RNC. Or better yet, donate to conservative organizations that will put hard hitting ads on television, radio, and print.
    c. Volunteer. The Obama campaign was very well funded, organized, and manned. Surely we can do as well. A little effort goes a long way.

"Can't be done," you say? I disagree. This is still a center-right country where most Americans believe in personal responsibility, family values, and limited government, regardless of color, race, religion, etc. If most Americans believe in these foundations, tell me why it can't be done. Tell me why Prop 8 in California, the most liberal state in this country, voted to ban gay marriage. You still say it can't be done?

In a democracy, doesn't the majority rule?

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