Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Building A Socialist Dynasty

I would like to claim copyright on this but I hesitated too long. Laura W. over at Ace of Spades covered this topic in a post about an hour ago. I would still like to put my two cents in here.

After last night's debate I began to be a little concerned that John McCain might not be able to overcome Barack Obama's star power, the liberal media, George W. Bush, the Democrats in Congress, and the stupid Republicans in Congress (like the ones who voted for the bailout).

Don't worry. I'm not jumping overboard. I'm not giving up. I'm not crying in my beer. I'm just trying to put all of the pieces together to figure out where this election is going.

In the process I had some startling thoughts about how things would be if Obama manages to pull this off.

One of the most disturbing things is future elections. Do you realize if the media's character assassination of McCain/Palin works, if ACORN's voter fraud works, if Obama's race card works, if the planting of liberal moderators in debates works, and Obama wins, we are in deep, deep trouble?

Our chances of winning future elections will be greatly diminished. If the libs figure out what it takes to win with a far-left candidate like Obama, they will do it again and again with much greater intensity and volume. The courts will be stacked in their favor and lawsuits for illegal election activities will be useless.

NOTE ABOUT VIDEO: While I found some of this video to be very compelling, I do not equate Obama with Hitler, Lenin, or Stalin but in many ways he does have very pronounced socialist doctrines.

We must join together and sprint these last few yards across the finish line. Talk to your family, friends, and neighbors about the dangers of electing Barack Obama.

Before one of you libs who reads this blog calls me a "racist", the color of Obama's skin has absolutely NOTHING to do with my opposition to him. It is his far-left agenda (socialism) and his far-left friends (Bill Ayers, New Party) that I strongly oppose.

If we sit idly while Barack Obama wins this election, we may not have a chance to fix it for a long, long time. Think about your freedoms. What are they worth? What would you do to keep them? I'm talking about just a few hours of effort over the next 27 days.

Believe it or not, many people do not follow politics closely and will vote for a candidate just because someone else encouraged them to and showed their support for that candidate. People, that is powerful! You have that power! Go use it for good!

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