Friday, September 26, 2008

Once Again, Liberals Think We're Stupid

The audacity!! Not of hope but of Dems. How can they sit there and blame John McCain for the failure of the bailout bill when they know full well the Republicans blocked it because of the absolutely unrelated partisan earmarks that THEY (Dems) placed in the bill? I am utterly outraged!!

Here's a quick rundown of the bailout. The government buys mortgages from the failing companies (with our money). Government holds the mortgages and resells them at a later date. Government profits from sale of mortgages.

Where does the profit go? Back to the taxpayers? No. In the government coffers? Partially. Where does the rest of it go? According to the Reid/Pelosi version of the bailout bill, 20% of it will go to ACORN, the ultra-liberal organization that spends its time and money tuning its voter fraud skills.

These people should be recalled today!! This is an offense to the Constitution, our founding fathers, every person who has died or been injured fighting for freedom, and every person who has carried their own weight in this country.

I am livid!! If you are in Nevada I urge you to get together a recall petition against Harry Reid. For you conservatives in the San Francisco area (both of you), the same against Nancy Pelosi.

This is OUR government and OUR money and they work FOR US!! It is time we reminded them of that fact.

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