Monday, September 29, 2008

MOAB Bombs

Kudos to the House Of Representatives for saving us the Mother-Of-All-Bailouts. The bailout wasn't a bad idea but the bill before the House today was not a step in the right direction. Americans want to know that their $700 billion will buy them protection from such a monstrosity happening again. They want to know people like Frank Raines, Tim Howard, and Jim Johnson will never again be able to dupe the government and by default, the taxpayers.

These men should receive hefty fines and spend time in jail. Why? Two reasons. Ken Lay and Enron. Need I say more?

Now maybe Congress can get to work on an acceptable bill that will address the root issues of the problem and a plan that will be of minimal burden to the taxpayers. Of course, the "blame game" is being played in and out of the halls of Congress. Pelosi blames Bush. Chris Matthews blames McCain. Obama blames Republicans. 94 Democrats (40%) voted AGAINST this bill. Not one or two percent - 40%. Watch this video and see where the blame resides.

Here's some perspective for you:

$700 billion dollars. If you had that much money and 20 years to spend it you would have to spend almost $96 million dollars a day. If you had 50 years you would have to spend more than $38 million per day.

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