Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Liberal Hysteria

I have been a registered voter for more than 25 years. I have closely followed politics for more than 15 years. The attacks against Sarah Palin are the worst I have seen. If there was a "vast right-wing conspiracy", it pales in comparison to the mob mentality that is controlling the nutcases on the left. And I do mean nutcases.

These nutcases are not simply the extreme left-wing kooks like Code Pink, ELF, and Barbara Streisand. These are self-proclaimed "mainstream, unbiased" media personalities. Their attacks against Sarah Palin are unveiled and vicious. The group includes members of the television news media, major newspapers, and magazines. The only reason it doesn't include radio is because no liberal has been able to successfully maintain enough of an audience to stay on the air.

These attacks go beyond typical liberal behavior. They don't like Sarah Palin because she terrifies them. She is the same type of strong leader as Ronald Reagan. And they attacked him ruthlessly as well. Reagan showed the world that conservatism works and works well. Liberalism suffered major damage during Reagan's presidency.

If Sarah Palin can survive this assault and John McCain doesn't manage to shoot his own campaign in the foot by being too moderate, she will be our next president and that is the most exciting news of this campaign.

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