Monday, August 25, 2008

Why Does The GOP Have To Move Left?

Why is it that the Democrat party can present two of today's most liberal politicians as their presidential and vice-presidential candidates, but for the GOP to "have a chance of winning" they must move to the center? Why don't the Dems have to move to the center?

The GOP has let fear blind them to the truth. America is not liberal. America is not moderately liberal. Americans are being duped by liberal politicians who talk moderate and a mainstream media that filters out the liberal voting records of these politicians.

Rather than standing on rock-solid conservative principles, the GOP conceded to the Dems during their reign in Congress and were basically ineffective. Americans watched this happen and were angry. The result? A Democrat controlled Congress.

Wake up GOP!! The Dems are running from the left. If you want to win this race, you had better run from the right. The poll numbers following John McCain's conservative straight talk at the Showdown at Saddleback where he demolished Obama prove I am right.


About 45 minutes after I posted this opinion I received an e-mail from Rush Limbaugh with a story about a Battleground Poll showing that the majority of Americans are conservative. Here's the text of the e-mail blurb:

A key question in the respected, bipartisan Battleground Poll finds 60% of Americans are "very" or "somewhat" conservative. Only 2% are moderates. If we ever get a candidate who articulates conservative values again, they'll win in a landslide.
In the same poll likely voters said the number one economic issue was rising oil and gas prices. If the GOP will pull its head out it could positively own that issue.

Higher taxes was tied for the #3 spot. Again, on taxes the GOP comes out on top.

87% of likely voters said their personal economic situation was from fair to excellent but 50% said the overall economy was poor. You can thank the mainstream media for that ambiguity.

35% of likely voters thought President Bush was doing a good job while only 19% approved of the job Congress is doing. Imagine that.

In the primary most voters said their first choice for the Dem candidate was Hillary Clinton. I smell trouble in Denver.

On presidential qualities, McCain came out ahead on "strong leadership", "shares your values", and "says what he believes". Obama lead on "middle class values", "fights for people like me", and "is an independent voice".

'Nuff said.

GWU Battleground 2008 (XXXV)

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Marie said...

I think people on both sides believe that cadidates soften their positions to appeal to independents/centrists.

As a liberal, I specifically think that Barack Obama falls a bit more towards the center on gay marriage, abortion rights, and healthcare than he could.