Monday, August 04, 2008

Republican Revolution!!

In case you've missed it, several Republican members of the House of Representatives have refused to break for recess and are remaining on Capitol Hill in protest of Speaker Nancy Pelosi refusing to bring offshore drilling up for debate. Congressman John Culberson of Texas has been transmitting live video from his cell phone at You can also see it on

The Republicans are calling on Speaker Pelosi and President Bush to bring the Congress back for a special session to debate the offshore drilling issue. The GOP has also threatened to shutdown the federal government by not voting on the upcoming funding bill until the issue of offshore drilling is addressed.

Three cheers for Pete Hoekstra, John Culberson, Roy Blunt, Mike Pense, and the rest of the Repubs who have said enough is enough. America is for you and will support you and you stand against Democratic tyranny.

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