Friday, July 11, 2008

Chuck Schumer Has Craniorectal Inversion Disease

For you who have never heard of this disease, here's a breakdown of the name for easier explanation.

cranio - having to do with the brain or head

rectal - well, you know what that is

inversion - turned upside down or inside out

For a simple, layman's definition, he has his head up his butt.

What did he expect to happen after announcing that IndyMac Bank had serious problems? Couldn't he foresee the panic it would start? But it gets even better.

Not only did Mr. Schumer start a run on the bank that forced the federal government to step in a close the bank (the second largest bank failure in U.S. history), but he then had the gall to blame the problem on someone else (typical liberal). Schumer said the problem was poor lending practices that could have been prevented by, guess what? Of course. More government regulation. What else?

If Mr. Schumer was right, I don't see why we bother to have any private industry in this country. The federal government could obviously do a better job. I mean, look at their track record. Social Security is a wonderful success, right? And how about Medicare? And the public school system?

Mr. Schumer, you need to see a specialist about the craniorectal inversion disease because the worst symptom is you can't see anything.

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