Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why Are You Voting?

I have been hearing some very alarming reasons why people are or are not voting this November. I fear that our public school system and parents have failed to convey important values to young people and we are not seeing the results.

The primary reasons people are voting for Obama?

  • We need change.
  • Bush and the Republicans have hurt this country.
  • He will get us out of Iraq.
  • He's a good speaker.
  • He's nice looking.
  • He's young.
  • He's black.
I look at that list and I am unable to find even one reason is a required qualification to be president.

The reasons people are not voting for McCain?
  • We need change.
  • Bush and the Republicans have hurt this country.
  • He will keep us in Iraq.
  • He's old.
The second item I will give you. If you happen to believe that. In some ways I suppose it is true but not in the ways most liberals mean.

So we basically have turned out elections into Hollywood style popularity contests. Who's the best looking? Who's the coolest?

Obama is nothing more than an ogre in a nice suit. His plan for change will be a change for the worse.

Come on people!! Don't be stupid!! Do some research. Learn something for yourselves. Don't rely on the media to tell you what is going on.

You can't vote for or against someone because of their looks or because they are or aren't a good speaker. You can't not vote for someone because they are "old". When did we eliminate experience and wisdom as qualifications to be president?

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