Monday, April 28, 2008

No Difference Between Wright And Wrong

Is anyone else out there as tired of hearing from and about Rev. Jeremiah Wrong (Wright) as I am? Come on! He isn't news. He's just a cranky old man with a chip on his shoulder.

Everything with him is about race. According to him, pointing out his hate-filled ramblings is racist. Campaigning against Obama is racist. Whites are attacking the black church.

Rev. Wrong, you are just like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Your job and your livelihood depend on your ability to create and enemy which you will stand up against "for the people".

You said Barack Obama knew what it was like to grow up black and poor in a country controlled by rich white people. You implied that black people cannot better themselves because of the oppression by rich white people.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  1. If rich white people control this country, how did Obama get where he is? How about you, Rev. Wrong? Are you still poor and under the thumb of rich white people?
  2. Who paid for your $1.6 million house that is in a white neighborhood? Was it rich white people? Or maybe it was good, hardworking, middle to lower income black people. How many of them have a $1.6 million house, Rev. Wrong?
  3. How did African slaves come to be in the possession of rich white people? Would you please tell your congregation the truth about that?
  4. Who are the real slaves and slaveowners today, huh? The slaves are the same good, hardworking black people who bought you a $1.6 million house. The slaveowners are people like you, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and all of the liberals regardless of their color. You have lied to them and brainwashed them into believing that they cannot survive without your help and the government's help. You and all of the liberals have continually lied to them to maintain power over them. Telling someone they "can't" and handing them a check helps them for one month. Teaching them how to be self-sufficient, supporting and encouraging them helps them for a lifetime.
  5. You have given black Americans a slave mentality like the Israelites. The Israelites were freed after 400 years of slavery. Slavery was all they knew. At the first sign of trouble they complained that they were better off in slavery. You and your cohorts have given black Americans that same slavery mentality. You have made them believe they cannot better themselves, they are dependent upon the government for everything they have, and if they don't continue to raise up leaders like you they will be completely unprotected against the evil white majority. LIES, LIES, LIES!!!!!!

To all black Americans, please, please, please stop listening to these lies. You are not incapable. You are not ignorant. You are not failures. Yes, your path to freedom and self-sufficiency may be longer and harder than for others. My path to success was longer and harder than Ted Kennedy's, John Kerry's, and Barack Obama's.

The key to success is YOU. You will decide your future. You are in control. Don't look at your circumstances as insurmountable obstacles. Look at them as challenges. Michael Jordan didn't wake up one day and join the Chicago Bulls. He worked his butt off and over time became the greatest basketball player in history.

No matter what anyone tells you, it is up to you.

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